The New Stocktwits Website and Homepage – The Front Page of Finance

Nearly a year ago Justin and the team started to rebuild the whole Stocktwits website. I have really wanted a Stocktwits homepage that helped me size up the moment and the day in the markets at a quick glance. We have a great community sharing all day and the data to make it happen. Our first version of this new Stocktwits is live to everyone today on our beta site.

I am thrilled that we got to launch the new site at Stocktoberfest this weekend and are getting early rave reviews like this…

So what is new:

The Homepage


Our new homepage/dashboard will show you the things that matter most — and matter now. Your dashboard will be the best place to start your trading day with your watchlist, trending tickers, relevant news, a heatmap, and more.

We plan to add more information, personalization, and other modules as we continue to build out the site. We are excited to get your feedback and ideas for what you’d like to see on your homepage as we add to it.

News, Earnings and Events


In finance, the speed of information is crucial. That’s why we built our own News and Events engine, called Newswire, from scratch. It scours the web and social media to bring breaking news, earnings, and announcements right to the ticker pages the moment they break. We are also announcing a partnership with Benzinga and Estimize to include some of the best finance writing and earnings data right into our site.

Newswire compiles a short summary of each article, so you can get up to speed and back to trading without leaving the stream. Newswire is available today on Web and iOS, and coming to Android in November.



Finally, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with ChartIQ, the leading charting framework, to finally bring full charting to StockTwits. You can mark up charts, add text and emojis, draw doodles, put in technical studies, and much more. Best of all, once you marked up your chart, you can share it with your followers in a single click.

If you are a regular StockTwits user, we would appreciate you using this opportunity to help us make the final release the best it can be. If you notice issues, bugs, or have suggestions for things we can improve, click the “Feedback” tab on the right of the site to let us know what you’re seeing or thinking.