Next New Networks acquires

Congrats to Ben Relles, founder of BarelyPolitical and his viral Obama Girl vids for their acquisition by my friends at Next New Networks .

My friend Mark Pinkus introduced me to Ben over dinner this summer and asked if I would like to get involved helping Ben. I said video is too hard :). I than saw his first video (‘Box in a Box’) and the way he created buzz and decided to introduce him to Next New Networks and Herb Scannell, who I have interviewed on Wallstrip . I told them both that they should be together. Herb, Tim Shey and Jed Simmons are great people and busting their asses to make their dream a reality at Next New Networks .

It was ‘like’ at first sight and now love. Coolio for Ben and Next New. It should be a good fit of talents and needs and I am happy to have been the matchmaker.

The best part is that Ben did not need these putz’s to get it done, though they tried as usual to get their fingers in the pot.