Nibbling on Amazon

Adding to my position as Amazon it dips below $85. I can’t resist.


  1. bocagirl says:

    My Amazon sales lately have been berry, berry good to me. I’ve definitely seen an increase in traffic and sales and we are in the process of increasing our items listed on Amazon.

    And to quote from an email I received on a bookseller list …”the new Seller Central of Amazon provides a lot of data on customer activity involving seller listings.

    If I understand it correctly, we are seeing a huge number of hits on
    our listings – hundreds each month on some. That is far more than we
    ever see on eBay.

    If these metrics are an accurate indication of activity on Amazon
    then it is pretty incredible. It is causing me to re-evaluate my
    previous concepts about quantities of listings.”

    What can I say but this is better than it’s been for a long time on Amazon.

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