Nice Guy or Asshole?

Before I get started….Apple closed at all-time highs. I am excited that this remains my number one position. The attention remains on the products, but as I have been saying since 2006 and my first Wallstrip…it is all about the stores.

Ok…for today’s post…

I consider myself a nice guy.

I have beefs for sure.

The other day Andrew Left sent me an email that opened – ‘I didn’t know you have an issue with me until this mornings tweet.’

Andrew runs Citron Research and it seemed like every stock I owned a few weeks ago was under his attack.

I tweeted something ‘smart ass’ in his direction and even though we have never met or spoke I got the email.

I think we can be friends!

Yesterday, I woke up to an email with the headline ‘You’re an Asshole’.

I figured maybe I forgot to Venmo Max some money, but no, it was stranger that took offense to my post with my Instagram that displayed my ‘Boy George Halloween’ costume.

I share my ideas and opinions everyday, so it is part of the flow that people dump on me.

At least he did not call me a bum.

Late last night I was walking home in Grammercy and I heard my name yelled. I turned and said ‘hello – do I owe you money’? It was just a person that knew me from twitter. His name is Ryan Dawidjan. We walked a couple blocks. Ryan’s friend thought he was weird for talking to a Twitter friend in the middle of the night. I thought it was pretty cool.

I can be a pretty nice guy.

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