Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last…Just Quitters!

I hate the statement ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’.

My 27 year old rabbi used it in front of me at the Seder on Fridy and I set him straight.

‘What’s the timeframe you are using?’

Define Nice guy?

Define Last?

Define Winning?

It’s a lazy way to think about life. Nice guys that I know are finishing first in every industry. I talk to nice guys in lead positions all day.

Quitters finish last because nice guys and even dickheads pass them.

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  1. Techinsidr says:

    I think you have somewhat of a skewed perception because you’re in the VC world where niceness matters, but being a jerk definitely pays dividends in the dog-eat-dog corporate world.  I can attest to this phenomenon first-hand.

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