Nicholas Adler: Crypto, Collectibles, Culture, Community, and More (EP.170)

It’s already that time again. Another episode of Panic with Friends. Old friends, new friends, all friends. Today’s episode is a new friend, Nicholas Adler. I’m not sure the best way to describe him – he’s a lawyer, entertainment wiz, and works with the one and only Snoop Dogg himself. They’ve gone on a massive run together, and we get into crypto and NFTs and collectibles and digital. Tons of people can talk about the technical side of it, Nicholas lays out the culture and community. Enjoy!

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For more details on today’s conversation read on below…

Guest: Nick Adler

Profile: Founder of The Unified and longtime business partner of Snoop Dogg

Where to Find Him: Twitter, LinkedIn, Podcast

What’s Nick Panicked About?: Losing my mind to this NFT madness

The Takeaway:

There’s so much movement, there’s so much happening, and celebrity culture is at the center of it. They’re not passengers anymore. This crypto, digital NFT boom will have a million different use cases for a million different categories; from insurance to real estate, and more. And IP and creative and art and content, is going to change radically due to these tools and technologies. It’s a blank canvas if you’re willing to be adventurous and take chances. In addition, the digital economy is saving us from massive inflation. It’s like the millennials without even knowing it, are saving the world by buying on the internet and taking fiat money out of the system.

Favorite Quotes:

“We’re at the gate, we’re just about to go in. And when we go into this world – this metaverse – this crazy ‘ready player one’ like experience; it’s about to get real…”

“There’s not a single youthful voice…they’re clearly very smart people. I mean, you know, I give a couple style remarks on the guy with the gray beard and the bald ponytail, but ultimately they’re sitting here bashing it…”