Nike ‘Fuel’, Bitcoins and Gold…Will the Real Currency Please Stand Up

I have been long $NKE (Max and Rachel too) for a long time and discussed the many reasons why on this blog.

Yesterday I had the opportunity and priviledge to mentor the first 10 Techstar teams at The Nike Accelerator in Portland.

Nike ask that you ‘Just Do It’. They also do it themselves, somehow becoming cool in Skateboarding and now Lacrosse. They will not be denied.

When we think of Nike in 10 years, ‘Just Do It’ will all be about FUEL. We will be earning FUEL for fitness at any age across almost all activities. It will be factored into your kids allowance and your corporate wellness programs and your daily routine. I am not sure which devices and fibers will connect you to your FUEL, but because you live and pay with the currency you will have to be attached to the currency at all times. I know this because the 10 companies i mentored and saw are the first wave of thousands that will come on this next wave of innovation. Nike is at the center of it (UnderArmor $UA -long- will be right least they better be).

The most surprising thing to me about my day at the NIke Accelerator was the 30 entrepreneurs completely hitched to this trend did not own the one currency that was attached to this trend…NIKE. I tried to explain the connection of what they were doing to the opportunity to participate, but I did not see anyone log on to Schwab and buy a few shares. A few will.

I will add a little Nike on the next dip in celebration of the majority that won’t.


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  2. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    So you were here in PDX / Beaverton and didn’t drop by the coffee shop to watch me hack? ;-)

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