Nike Revisited on Wallstrip

Damn can this company execute. Doubt me – take a look at a comparative recent stock chart of Under Armor. I have been long the stock for a few years and have really just forgotten about it. Here is my first post way back in 2005 (amazing how little has changed). There is not much to do here except check in once a year. Here Lindsay discusses the brand back in our very first week:

It’s a fun show today with our guest host Julie and the team discussing some of the latest Umbro transaction details .

I have yet to order my first pair of custom shoes, but it looks like I am missing out on some fun. I will have to do this soon with Max and Rachel.

Here is Michael Galpert’s very recent experience with Nike ID . Sounds like fun.

Brian has a look at the pricing picture of the stock:

Amazing how the stock has held up in the credit/crunch market meltdown. As Brian points out in the video, Under Armor has melted down 30 percent. Nike’s global strength and reach has played a factor here. The weak dollar does help, but it’s such a global company that it is likely muted related to other American brands.

I will just hold on, likely for decades or until Tiger Woods gets caught drunk, crossdressed and shanking balls on the range.

Disclosure – Long Nike.


  1. Crawford says:

    Yeah, do the shoes with the kids. They’ll love it. The interface is real. And the delivery is amazingly fast for custom offshore.


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