No Turning Back…Fintech Fintech Fintech

This made me laugh today amidst the losses in cryptoland from Stocktwits user @guidoish who titled this photo simply ‘compromise’:

The crypto genie can’t be put back in the bottle.

A next generation is hooked on the idea of big returns.

They will have their bear markets too, but at least they have been introduced to the markets.

When geeks talk about crypto they get excited about decentralization and the creation of a new world order, but I agree with Anthony Pompliano (ex Facebook and Snapchat product leads) that it’s the fractional ownership and the global 24/7/365 nature of these new products, in the era of the smartphone that are the most interesting aspects of crypto.

By the way…look at Gold perking up as crypto assets hit the skids.

Have a great Friday.

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