Nobody Loves Squirrels More Than Lindzon

The day started rather innocently. I picked up Murray’s bagels and headed over to see my friends Josh, Barry and Michael.

Barry and I polished off six of twelve bagels and talked about nothing for two hours. I snuck out when Barry finally went to pee.

Later in the day, I met up with Shai and Daniel from Silicon Valley Bank and we sat in a light drizzle in the park talking about fintech and startups. Shai is an old friend and used to the rapid banter. I was meeting Daniel for the first time.

We were talking about Seinfeld and the Poppy episode and for no real reason I I heaved my scalding hot half finished green tea over my shoulder.

I swear I had no idea that squirrels roamed the park in the winter.

Sometimes life is really like a Seinfeld episode.

PS – This Letterman interview is an instant classic.

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