Noodling around with NetVibes

I have been meaning to try NetVibes for a while.

I want to follow too many people ‘s blogs and I need to start using Feedburner more or Bloglines. NetVibes is a cool web 2.0 solution.

TraderMike Trader Mike was good enough to post on Netvibes a while back and more importantly, here is his first shot at a financial blog or stock market page .

Go play around with Mike’s page and make one for yourself .

Pretty cool for the non technical amongst us.


  1. Jordan Glasner says:

    How do you keep up w/o an aggregator? Bloglines is my addiction these days, whether at home or on my 770.

  2. Michael says:

    One day you’ll see the light and start using BlogLines and get a Treo :-)

    But seriously, you just have to start using it. Do it for a week straight and you’ll be hooked. Just start adding the blogs you read to bloglines as you visit them.

  3. Jordan Glasner says:

    Eh, wasn’t making comment.. truly wanted to know how you could keep up w/ even a handful of blogs w/o an aggregator.

    Do you just check the blogs you read periodically through the day or are you getting alerts by email?

    Something that’s easier and more intuitive has to replace RSS, it just needs to be invented.

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