Nothing Like Price To Change Sentiment…The Saturday Crypto Crash

I was going to take the whole weekend off from the blog but I can’t. Too much in my head that I needed to jot some thoughts down…

I am working from Coronado for a few days and it turns out losses feel the same no matter how awesome your scenery or workspace is:

I wrote about the fintech crash a few weeks ago here and this weekend we are witnessing a crypto crash.

I like Michael Batnick’s piece – ‘The Market Is An Expensive Place To Find Out Who You Are

I wrote last week that the era of FOMO was over. Helene Meisler has one of my favorite investing sayings…’nothing like price to change sentiment.’

Now that much lower prices have changed sentiment, we will see how politicians, the FED and regular crypto investors and dip buyers will behave in the coming weeks.

Get some rest today, this week will be interesting in the markets.