Obscurity and The Grind

I love this thought on the grind from my friend Mike Katz:

Mike is a wicked entrepreneur. We are investors in his company mParticle.

This last week I spent a lot of time on planes, trains and automobiles with my Social Leverage partners Tom and Gary. The road and face to face meetings are a great reminder how obscure most of us are and that the grind is real.

Obscurity is a reality. Most of us do not get our ’15 seconds of fame’ let alone become dominant in a market with a product and company.

You have to have conviction and grind through the obscurity pretty much all day every day.

When I had the idea for Wallstrip there was almost zero chance my idea would see the light of day, let alone do a month of shows.

This knucklehead pointed out all the obvious obstacles facing Wallstrip after we were just one month in.

He never did follow up after we were acquired by CBS before the six months were up!

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