Oh Well…

We are off to Toronto today for my niece’s wedding.

I was planning on being San Francisco for a board meeting yesterday which was cancelled at the last minute.

That left me with a pretty open day in Phoenix which I was planning to spend at home catching up on bills and paperwork and maybe a long ride.


I took Max to breakfast and noticed that a couple of my front teeth were loose and cracked. Since 2012 I have had crowns on most of my teeth from decades of grinding. The grinding continues and the biteplate I wear at night only helps a little.

I have no idea how it happened as I was eating pancakes and eggs, but at 54, shit just breaks.

My dentist is luckily a great friend and I called to see if they could fit me in.

They did and by 7 pm I had three new perfectly matched and 3d printed front teeth installed.

I am always amazed at the technology in my dentist – Dr. Enrico Divito’s office. I dread going, but once I am in the seat he shows me all the new toys he uses to perform the complicated surgeries he makes each and every day.

I won’t show you the real picture because I look like a fat jewish ex hockey player, but here is what my mouth looked like at one point in the afternoon…

A few hours later I walked out with these…

No wonder the Nasdaq is at all-time highs.