Oil Addiction…Canada is our 'Pusher'… and Price Never Lies

Many thanks to commenter Gerald Buckley who sent the link below in my post ‘Peak Oil/Shmeak Oil’ and got me thinking.Jon Stewart and his Daily Show are so great at so many levels. It was obviously most inspirational to me in creating and having the nuts to do Wallstrip. Humor is just an effective way too get a message – any message – across.

I love that Peter’s message is not fear and panic. I immediately trust this guy. He is levelheaded. Shame that his May 2007 YouTube video has 260 views. No wonder the oil trade (and the Canada trade) still goes on.

I guess it’s not too late to both:


2. INVADE CANADA! This was my plan of attack not too long ago as well .

Mark Cuban has a post getting some MemeJuice, started actually by the ‘uber’ sharp (obviously Canadian :) ) Mathew Ingram that ‘If The News is Important, it Will Find me!’. I have long taken it one step simpler and just watched prices of securities. They factor in the noise and those bubbling up to all-time highs are therefore the ones I pay attention to. They tell me what’s in the ‘public consciousness’. I guess it’s why sites like Techmeme.com are all that really matter to me and good aggregators are stronger than ever. That and a strong social network are all you need to stay informed, cause/create change, and if you want…PROFIT!

PS – How freaking great is Jon Stewart’s twist about Hybrid’s…’I have a hybrid…it’s a cross between a Hummer and an Escalade…A HUMSCALADE .’ Genius!

Disclosure – Long OIH, Gold, Canada and my Social Network.