Old Friends and A Fresh Idea – Amgen

I got a note from Ted who reads my blog after reading my post about being in Muskoka with my oldest friends:

Nothing quite like being with old friends. They usually agree with each other, cut each other a lot of slack, and just have a good time.

Ted nails it.

For the past 13 years my best friend Rob has organized two yearly college pal events centered around the house of seven friends he lived in as a freshman and the close concentric circle of friends that developed around the house. One is named ‘Le Tour’ (two days of hockey in Montreal) and the other at his cottage in Muskoka ‘name withheld to protect the innocent’. Those who plan friend events, know that doing this every year for 13 years is a miracle.

While I have been invited a total of 26 times, I have only attended two tours and now one Muskoka getaway.

Now that I am an empty nester I plan on improving my hit rate.

As for a new idea…take a look at Amgen.

It continues to make fresh all-time highs this week. I own a few shares myself. A lot of biotechs are hitting all-time and yearly highs. Ivan and I have been discussing them in depth the last month on our weekly ‘Momemntum Monday’s. Here is the chart:

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