Old Time Venture Capital and Nasdaq 20,000

When I was a kid I loved the movie ‘Slaspshot‘ (1977) with Paul Newman. It was a low budget, hysterical movie about a rag tag group of hockey players in a small town.

There are a couple scenes that stand out in my head as the team went back and forth between ‘old time hockey’ (fighting) and a more modern game of hockey – no fighting, all skills.

Watch one great scene here, the other here.

In my world of investing everyone wants a unicorn if they invest in startups and a ten bagger in the public markets. It can happen and post 2008 financial crisis, seems to happen all the time.

In my opinion, there are different types of unicorns and ten baggers.

I love reading stories about what I call -‘Old Time Venture Capital’ where ideas get funded that may be years away in an effort to take on the ‘big guys’. They are ‘back of the napkin’ investments (I have made a few).

Yesterday, Tom Tunguz shared a story about ‘Snowflake’ a cloud company aimed at disrupting parts of Google and Amazon that really was ‘old time venture capital’. Have a read.

We think that Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon will never lose their dominance, but old time Venture Capital does guarantee we will see Nasdaq 20,000.