Om Malik Gets Wallstripped

He totally deserves it. He believed in Wallstrip and our success right from the start and was one west coast tech person who gave us any coverage right out of the gate. He was right :) .

I read Om every day. He takes the time to read everything and he just gives you as much tech and web news as possible. He’s like the Jim Cramer of technology, just less likely to scream and spit on you.

The big insiders trust his knowledge of technology as well.

Two great points today – 1 – there is no perfect hardware solution. Just like the Microwave never become the one kitchen appliance in your kitchen, nor will the iPhone or Blackberry own your pocket. I get emails from Om and he is using the iPhone, but from the sound of things, he has kept a Blackberrry as well. Me too.

2 – His take on the Telco bubble. We have just a few survivors and that has killed innovation. That’s a good point. Bastard telco’s. One more reason to hate AT&T.

If the IPO market heats up, we could get a new wave of innovation. I think it does and we will.

I asked Om a few extra questions tonight regarding the state of the IPO market and who to watch for on the Telco side.

Om belives that:

with filings like and we might be coming to the end of the IPO cycle. Crap is being stuffed into the market. Here is Om’s specific post just for us .

To which I say, indeed this may sound crappy but there is much more to come, good and bad. Time will tell.

Re Telco:

of the telecom Companies I am watching: shoretel, bigband networks (BBND which has been smoked as a public company) and infinera (IINFN – just public). They are all about IP networks and pure IP networks ARE THE FUTURE. Also keep an eye on Juniper Networks.

I am with Om on Juniper so bOMyah to him.. I will start keeping an eye out on the other two.

Disclosure – Long Juniper


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