Om Malik Joins Me On ‘Panic With Friends’ And Two Nephews Jeremy Bernick And Aaron Nach Join Me For A ‘Panic With Family’

It was great to have Om Malik join me on ‘Panic With Friends’. Today Om is a partner at True Ventures, a $2 billion venture capital firm in San Francisco.

They have made over 300 investments including WordPress, Peloton, Fitbit, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Om was a journalist at the beginning of his career covering technology and we chat about the changes in Technology from 2001 when he started his blog to 2020 as well as the future he sees.

The big changes came in 2015 as technology became the center of the universe and he explains it in the podcast (minute 15). It was a great conversation and you can listen here.


For a change of pace, I wanted to get the COVID angle from my two nephews who are living in Tuscon finishing out their school year via Zoom and social distancing at The University of Arizona.

They both see big changes to social norms as they worry about their first jobs and internships as they finish up their senior and junior years.

I am very close with both of them so it was a fun and thoughtful conversation. You can listen tight here.