Om Malik moving fast and SMART!

Maybe Mike Arrington should have raised capital for TechCrunch before Om Malik. Than he could have bought him. Instead Om is slowly chipping away.

Mike reports that Om is launching a very relevant site. I hope Om and crew do a good job reporting here. There are so many new companies in this space and so much to learn. Great idea and room for more coverage. His brand and first mover (I assume so if Arrington is giving him kudos). They should be calling me to advertise Wallstrip on it. I may just look into it tomorrow. Consider this new site blogrolled.

I am surprised with all the positive press we have received at Wallstrip that we have been snubbed by Om and Arrington for review. C’est La Vie. Today, my favorite newspaper – The Financial Times – had their tech blog do a quick review. No readers :) , but very cool.