OMT – Oh My Tesla

I will be in San Francisco for the day tomorrow and my friend Karen Greenwood organized a Stocktwits meetup to interview me and chat about the markets.

I figured we should really have some fun, so I asked JC (All Star Charts) to drive in from Sonoma to let me chat with him about the markets.

I also pinged Josh Elman who is now a VP at Robinhood and a Partner at Greylock (and former product lead at Twitter) to come in and talk about the markets and of course Twitter. I am thrilled Josh is now at Robinhood and excited to catch up with him.

Here are the details if you are in the neighborhood – Jamber on Folsom Street.

As for Tesla…

We are quickly back to 2014 prices (not for the cars).

It turns out that rising rates matter for ‘growth’ stocks with no path to profitability.

I like everything about Tesla other than the stock.

PS – Nothing about Hitler is funny, but Hitler owning Tesla Bonds made me laugh.

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