On the bright and twisted side….

It is not all bad in technology, just mostly bad.

As always, there are bright spots. For me the bright spot is:


It is inning one of Gadgets. Crackberries, Razr’s, Treo’s, iPod’s and Roomba’s ( thanks Francine – going to grab one based on your post) . Few will ever make money for their investor’s but that is not the point of this post. That is soooo last post mentality .

The smart money is leveraging gadgets with content.

No content business is better suited to exploit the gadget market than:


Yes – Porn. As I have always said – there is never a bear market in porn! Porn poeple don’t fight. Go ahead, steal that shot! There are no patent fights in porn – just cat fights :)

I just read about Porn 2.0 over at TechCrunch . Mike has spent time in the past talking about Porn web companies – that is why he always gets the benefit of the doubt with me :) Today he reports on HeatSeek :

Heatseek is a pornography focused browser that quietly launched today. The point of this software is to make porn browsing more efficent and more secure. The browser is available on Windows machines only, and is built on top of Internet Explorer.

They’ve clearly thought this through. Every feature is aimed at either making porn consumption easier or making it less likely that others will know what you are up to.

If you love tech – think gadgets and porn and better yet, gadgets that make porn easier to consume. Remember the NERD theme – NERDS love gadgets, Nerds spend more time on the internet, NERDS get less chicks (Don’t argue – just remember the Amanda hangover); therefore, Nerds per capita consume more porn.

Forget .com, think .c_m and imagine the .cash these freaks are making.