On The Road Again…

I am heading out on a major east coast swing having spent the last month comfortably in Phoenix.

I will by New York, Baltimore, Philly, Boston and North Carolina.

I have really gotten into a good routine working and biking in the desert the last month, so will miss it. My bike circuit (I share it on Strava) has this great steep climb that I have been obsessed with. I also have three of my favorite restaurants within a 2 minute drive, one a stone throw actually. My food circuit is Pizzeria Bianco, Tarbell’s and Steak 44. Truly world class food in the heart of Phoenix. When I do eat breakfast, I generally go big in Phoenix at The Pancake House and get the 49’ers. The one food Phoenix sorely lacks is Chinese food so I plan on binging on the east coast.

Speaking of Chinese, this piece from Andreesen Horowitz on ‘Trends in China‘ is excellent. Watch it.

Finally, I was given the perfect setup by my Twitter friend Tren Griffin (a strategist for Microsoft):

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