Onboarding, Educating and Arming the Next Generation of Investors – Stocktwits, Social Leverage and Stocktoberfest

Stocktoberfest East (the first and last of it’s kind) is next Thursday the 30th in New York City.

The day is packed with content all geared to help people make money investing in public and private markets. The cheat sheet to our day at Stocktoberfest…

I am an optimist. I look at the world through a glass half full lens.

I am also cynical. I think institutions can be great but we live in an awesome country that offers a lot of ‘crazy’ founders the tools, freedoms, networks and capital to disrupt them.

The US financial industry now lags behind the rest of the world because of the ‘securities act of 1933‘, but it is those early securities laws that built the trust for a system to lead the world until we abused the system with financial leverage and cheating, that culminated with the crisis in 2008. That crisis along with China’s ‘grey means go‘ attitude towards securities law, their digital wall, and now crypto have made the pie bigger for those wanting to speculate and invest.

A new generation of 80 million millennials and their $30 trillion inheritance (US alone) is what makes the future of money and investing so exciting.

Take advantage of the fact that most Americans don’t care about the language of finance, money and markets. I have been an open book on how I see the financial industry evolving and who I think the winners and losers will be.

Learn how to speed up and shrink the amount of time it takes to get domain experience, learn the language of the markets and gain financial independence.

Applying common sense it is possible to profit and have a life of joy investing.

While we have the web and networks to help everyone speed things up to an unprecedented pace, we should all have mentors too.If you can get people to mentor you for free great, but I believe we are way too cheap spending money on mentorship. The right mentor will change your life.

Meet and hear from founders of early-stage financial technology/service companies demoing the evolution of their products:

Denise Thomas, Founder, Apple Pie Capital
Scott Coyles, Co-founder, ClickIPO
Ryan Randall, Capital Markets, Point
Gary Zimmerman, Founder, Max My Interest
Stuart Sopp, Founder, Current
Rachel Mayer, Founder, Trigger Finance
Lindsay Holden, Founder, The Long Game
Jordan Lee, Founder, College Backer

I asked some of the most incredible people I have ever met and worked with to stop by for fireside chats. If we run late we run late.

For example, my friend Fred Wilson has agreed to stop by and chat. I have hung out on Fred’s blog for 12 years, he was my first investor in Wallstrip and an incredible mentor to me. Fred shuns stocks and market discussions for the most part but promises to go rogue talking ‘crypto’, digital assets and decentralized startups.

Brett Wilson, the founder of Tubemogul, whose Company was recently acquired by Adobe, will sit down with me to talk about one of the biggest web trends in the world – VIDEO. Brett now has some capital himself so I can’t wait to talk with him about how he now sees the world of investing now that he has money to invest.

The biggest difference of this year’s event is our first ever ‘Cashtag Awards‘ that same evening of the 30th. I have always wanted to celebrate the yearly good, bad and ugly of the financial market…the people and and the events that helped us learn and profit. My friend Josh Brown will be hosting and we have a slew of financial community friends presenting and sharing some wisdom.

The venue is fantastic, the attendance is a record (over 450 signed up) and we all love investing and talking about the markets. I am heads down with the Stocktwits team in a final sprint trying to make the content, pace and flow fantastic.

I look forward to hosting everyone and hope to see you there next week.

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