One Company, One Stock – the only Fruit – Apple

Apple is the number one tagged item in my blog. I feel I have a good handle on it and have even made some good trading calls.

I still believe the upside and story is misunderstood.

Today, Fred Wilson, an Apple user, shareholder and fan talks about the coming possibilities for Apple in the living room.

Fred is not the biggest Job’s fan and don’t get him started on iTunes so it is nice to see him DRINKING THE KOOL-AID.

I think Apple has the roadmap. I think Apple will continue to deliver. I think Apple may just be getting started.

Disclosure – SHORT APPLE :) :) NOT!


  1. BDG123 says:

    AAPL price target: $38 IMO Love Steve Jobs maniacal focus on innovation and design leadership. Love the brand. Hate the stock. Hey, it wouldn’t be any fun if we all agreed on the same outcome. We’d all be rich and the market would go up forever. :)

  2. BDG123 says:

    There’s only a handful of things that make me angry: racists, not getting my regular weekly fix of chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk, crimes against children, intolerance, physical violence and, lastly, Apple stock. :) But I loooooooove the Apple brand.

    Btw, would someone convince Jobs to move iTunes to a subscription model so I can convince myself to buy and iPod and not end up stealing/illegally hocking songs as everyone else does?

  3. candice says:

    As much as I give the Mac grief (see recent rant on OS X Server), if I needed a new desktop today I would pick up a mini. I have one for admin tools at a client’s office and it does okay.

    Of course, I don’t need desktops anymore (well, until my kitchen laptop dies) but if I did…

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