Optimists and 'Good People Day'…Bullish

You know I am an optimist. I am also deep at work and research in the wellness, yoga and spirituality as it relates to the web. It’s been a them of mine on Wallstrip, but there are so few ways to play the trend in the public market.

I am an investor in SpiritualGangster (love our new logo…check it out…website coming soon), a company my buddy Ian started a few years back and although we sell clothing, the web experience being developed is all about positive energy and linking to goodness.

Gary from WineLibraryTV is someone who I have linked to in the past. His show is a great idea and perfectly executed for the web. He also has an in your face personal blog that although not for me, has immense passion and a sense of purpose. Today he is blasting the message of a ‘Good People day’ .

It’s a good idea. He is a smart dude at social leverage. We can all learn something from it.