Outed on my Crackberry "Tell" and home alone surfing

I have a CRACKBERRY “TELL”. It seems that my buddy Brad knows when I am sending him an email while I am making a right hand turn. Lot’s of extra “L’s”.

I am digging music discovery at Pandora

It will be interesting to see how the markets react Friday and how fast and nasty the Bush administartion attacks the ruling saying that eavesdropping is unconstitutional. Minic has lot’s of good links on the decision in the blogosphere .

I am FOR profiling and yet happy with this ruling. If WE PROFILE and do a better job at our borders, we won’t have to tap phones! :)

After much back and forth on the product, I am convinced that OddCast has a great consumer product extension for most blogs and for internet brands looking to test a little web 2.0 and/or build a mascot and do some branding. Charlie, who has a “way cool” blog and is going in the blogroll , just took up with the company and shows how it can be used. Check it out – that means you TraderMike and you Bill Cara and you Angry Aussie . You will thank me.

Finally, my ambien is kicking in and I could swear I just heard that Quizmos advertisement is offering a “Rub and Tug” sandwich that is guaranteed to make you happy? I hope I remember that for lunch tomorrow – please someone e-mail me a reminder :)

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