Overheard on StockTwits: $AMZN and $AAPL Win, $T FAIL

Each day we dive into the StockTwits stream and pull out the morning pearls of wisdom.  Here’s what we found today:

$AMZN Kindle sales were huge this holiday season.  The E-reader trend is in the early innings.  It will be interesting to see how an $AAPL tablet fits into this market.

So on Christmas Eve, the Treasury announced unlimited bailout funds for $FNM and $FRE.  Sneaky, Sneaky:

Hilarious $twentyten from @ReformedBroker:

Slowly but surely the rest of the world is beginning to raise rates:

The @abnormalreturns Daily Linkfests are a MUST read each day:

Great advice, for traders liquidity is important:

In addition to $AMZN talk on the stream has been that $AAPL also crushed it this Christmas:

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Another great piece of advice from @jfahmy.  The stock market and the economy are two different things:

It appears that Asia is setting up its own version of the IMF and World Bank.  Is a currency next?

Another hilarious $twentyten from @ppearlman.  Also, don’t forget the $MSFT I-clone!

Some good advice from a great trader:

Last night a rumor hit the stream that $T would stop selling $AAPL iPhones in NYC.  $T FAIL on so many levels – this the funniest: