Overheard on StockTwits: Back to Business

Each day we dive into the StockTwits stream and pick out some morning pearls of wisdom. Here’s what we found today:

It’s the start of a New Year of trading and while the whole market is rocking some of the early leaders are Energy, Materials, and Gaming stocks:

We launched a new and improved StockTwits TV today.  Lots of great stuff coming, my show starts up in a week:

$twentyten starts off with a Merger Monday.  Today’s is $NVS buying $ACL at BELOW market:

Really funny piece from @ReformedBroker about the types of Bears in the market:

The market gapped up big this morning.  Some great statistics from @sentimentrader and @TradingTheOdds:

There was a deal between $CHK and Total announced today.  With the $XOM and $XTO deal, a new trend may be developing:

Check out the Chart.ly Chart of the Day on $ENER by @SoEmre:

Some good economic news this morning.  Starting to see a trend develop of better-than-expected economic news.  Could be bullish for Friday’s NFP as @InEgoVeritas points out:

Lots of traders talking about food inflation for $twentyten.  @graintalk, an experienced Ag trader likes the meats:

$NFLX is weak today on rumors of $AAPL starting to get into the living room.  Makes sense to me:

Nice link from @robpas on brokers leaving the major wirehouses to go independent.  Now that the “Too Big to Fail” banks have no brand advantage, “Too Small to Fail” is the way to go:

Great tweet by @DanZanger.  I couldn’t agree more: