Overheard on StockTwits: Binary Earnings

Now that the $AAPL iPad talk has died down StockTwits has shifted its focus back to the market and to Earnings Season.  Some companies have been surprising to the upside while others have plummeted to the downside.  Here’s what the StockTwits stream had to say this morning:

$F came out with some great earnings.  Great to see an American manufacturer execute:

$NOK is surging on earnings while $MOT is getting clobbered:

Daily Finance had a great writeup on the new Abnormal Returns.

Economic numbers weren’t too hot today.   Not sure if that’s the reason for the market selloff:

Thank god Davos is almost over:

Sentiment is starting to get bearish:

$EK is running post-earnings.  Lots of short interest in there:

@AnneMarie2006 NAILED the big pop in $NFLX.  You should check out her premium service.

$AAPL popped on the iPad news but is selling off today.  Ironically now analysts are racing to upgrade:


$QCOM is getting killed after earnings:

Lots of people are saying the market is going to bounce on a Bernanke reaffirmation.  When everybody seems to think that he’s going to renominated AND that the market is going to pop on that news, you may want to take the other side of that trade:

If you couldn’t tell already…


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