Overheard on StockTwits: $C Earnings, Buy the Financial Dip, $AAPL vs. $GS

The $GS fallout hung over the market on the open but early on we rallied on the back of good $C earnings and have since come back down a bit.  This morning there seemed to be a decent sized “Buy the financials dip” contingent on the StockTwits stream.  Here’s the morning buzz:

The financial sector has had great earnings so far, and $C was no exception this morning.  Many people are looking to add exposure on any pullback, $GS news be damned!

There are reports that the $GS investigation will spill over to other firms such as $DB, while Dick Bove says that the case against $GS is “dumb”:

@pvitha raises a great point. Instead of putting your money in a savings account yielding 0.1%, put it in the equity of the bank borrowing at that rate, in this case $C:

More improvement on the economic front:

We actually covered this on Overheard back when they were the same price. $AAPL is one case where the “real” economy is outperforming the financial economy:

Congrats to @ToddSullivan on the love from Kiplingers.  If you do not subscribe to Value Plays, you are truly missing out.

Will this be the year the old adage proves true? With the run-up we’ve had, it may indeed be the case: