Overheard on StockTwits: China and Corn $ZC_F, $WFT "All In", $NFLX Euphoria, The Robot

The $EURUSD continues to get killed and $NFLX is running like a biotech on buyout rumors, but overall it’s a pretty quiet day in the markets. Here’s today’s morning buzz:

Interesting little tidbit that China is going to start importing corn $ZC_F.  Could be the start of a nice bullish trend for Ags, $DBA.

Now that the long US/short the rest of the world trade is hitting the front pages perhaps its time to look at the inverse:

Crude Oil $CL_F continues to get slaughtered.  @aiki14 is looking to get long here, however.  The action in Crude and Copper isn’t too bullish:

Looks like the neutral on the sidelines took a move towards bearish this week.

$NFLX hit new highs today on more buyout rumors.  @agwarner notes the volatility is also quite high:

@Contrahour notices that some top $WFT execs went “all in” on their stock.  Stock has been beaten down as a driller and he likes it here. Here’s the SEC Doc

@danconway believes we may be in the early stages in the Robotics trend with $IRBT and $ISRG with a whole log of room to go,


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