Overheard on StockTwits: Creeping Inflation

The StockTwits stream was buzzing today.  As the market fell, some bears came out of there caves.  Here’s some of the highlights from the morning action on the stream:

Some economic releases out this morning.  Market seemed to like the tame inflation number, but @alaidi points out that there was some wild inflation in the NY Survey:

Real wages fell last year, but the wealth effect from a recovering stock market may offset that feeling:

More creeping inflation:

Seems like the bearish sentiment continues to wane.  Initially this could be bullish:

Market didn’t seem to like the consumer confidence number. LOVE @ReformedBroker’s name for it:

$VIX up 5% today and all the Monday Morning QB’s come out:

Check out the Chart.ly Chart of the Day$WYNN by @position_trader

Destroying used cars will restrict the supply.  No surprise here.

The reaction of the news is more important than the news itself.  Seems like the market has some pretty lofty expectations. Case and point, $INTC, $JPM

This e-retailing trend continues to run:

$LEAP up 5% today: