Overheard on StockTwits: Fade $XHB on New Home Sales?, $GLD and Rotation to Inflation

The market seemed to start the weekend early as its been a boring morning.  A lot of the morning buzz on StockTwits has circled around economics:

Homebuilders, $XHB are running on a blowout New Home Sales number.  But as @Prof_Pinch infers this could be due to the expiration of the tax credit.  I wonder if the best trade off of this number is to fade it.

Love how @bondscoop parses the economic releases and share it with us:

We talked about $GLD last week on Back Page Wednesday and here it is breaking out.  There appears to be a rotation to inflation going on in the equity markets today and perhaps the best way to play it is the Gold Miners $GDX which haven’t caught up with $GLD as @Trendrida suggests.

$NFLX selling off in news that $GOOG is going to offer subscription video service through YouTube.  Interesting times in tech-land.