Overheard on StockTwits: Ghosts of Bailout Past $ABK, $FNM, $FRE, and $INTC Earnings

The market is off a bit today after $AA posted disappointing results last night.   As many of the ghosts of the financial crisis past are popping all over the place, the StockTwits stream is abuzz:

Last night $TWIT announced their new biz model – sponsored tweets.  As usual @ReformedBroker has a hilarious take on the events.

The ghosts of bailout past $FNM, $FRE, $ABK, etc are all on fire.  @stevenplace captures the madness with some humor…

Markets are starting to get frothy. Case and point $MIPI.

Great quote from Jim Grant via @FinanceTrends.

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$GOOG has been strong today in a tough tape.  Something to watch, should the overall market turnaround.

$INTC reports after the close.  @EddyElfenbein thinks they will have to beat consensus to “surprise” the market.