Overheard on StockTwits: Greece Bailout Redux, $AAPL weakness, Spain and $GLD

The trouble in Europe is on the front pages, yet the market managed to open up green today in the face of yesterday’s selloff.  Here’s the morning StockTwits buzz:
More talk of Greece bailouts today.  Stocks like $NBG running on this news.  How many times has Greece been bailed out so far?

More and more lately there has been talk of inflation bubbling under the surface.  @Honest_T gives some idea on how to play it:

$CMCSA had some nice numbers.  @TMTAnalyst, a pro, shows where the strength was:

$AAPL, which has lead the market up got clobbered early on this morning.  It’s bouncing back a bit but should be watched.

Not too surprisingly, Spain was downgraded today.  @CalculatedEntry likes $GLD as a play (as $GLD outpeformed yesterday)

@jfahmy has been in sync with the market all year long.  So when he speaks we listen: