Overheard on StockTwits: Greece fears, $GMCR and $NFLX soar, Inflation bubbling, and $UNG Bottom?

The market’s down and the StockTwits stream has been abuzz this morning with chatter on Greece.  Here’s what people were saying today:

Greece CDS spreads were widening this morning on a worsening outlook for Greek debt and Moody’s downgrade:

Interesting to see bullish sentiment wane while the market is so close to the highs:

Methinks inflation is going to be one of the Back Page stories that will be on the front page before we know it.

Another potential back page story could be a Chinese real estate collapse:

$NFLX, $GMCR, and $CMG are some of the few green sprouts in a field of red today:

$NG_F and $UNG spiked after the inventory report this morning.  I think it could be an interesting buy here as it seems to be putting in a bottoming pattern.