Overheard on StockTwits: $GS Fraud, $PALM reading, Buy the Dip?, Kids on Margin

The StockTwits stream went bizzonkers this morning with the news that $GS is being charged with fraud by the SEC.  Here’s today’s morning buzz:

@thezo first hit the stream with the info at 10:37 when $GS was trading at 176 (now at 160).  There were so many great reactions and insights on the news.  The tweets below are some that I liked:

Nice tweet from @ari5000.  Thats why you look at how the markets react to the news not the news itself.

Congrats to @EddyElfenbein who was named Best Buy-and-Hold Blogger.

More $PALM speculation today.  RBC says that it could be worth 10-14 per share and $HPQ might be a suiter

Markets are down now, but @fundmyfund gives a good reason to buy the dip this afternoon.

A case for those looking at the market from a fundamental perspective:

Despite today’s selloff it’s still a momo market.  Words from the wise @ivanhoff on how to play earnings in such a market

The most ridiculous (and bearish) article I’ve seen in a while.

Demand Media looking to go IPO. Love @byrneseyeview‘s play on shorting spam.