Overheard on StockTwits: How to Short a China Real Estate Bubble

The StockTwits stream was rocking this morning.  Here’s some of the highlights:

Obama is talking about a windfall tax on the big banks.  @tradefast gives the scoop on who it hurts most and why:

Domestic equity mutual funds continue to see outflows.  Against the backdrop of a rising market this is BULLISH:

Cramer disses $AONE last night, stock shoots up 8% today:

Some fugly economic releases this morning and some reactions to them.  Love how weather gets blamed for everything (as if its some weird thing that doesn’t occur ALL THE TIME);

Great comment on the $MOT.  They are not getting ahead of the curve:

This morning a user wanted to know how to play a China Real Estate bubble.  StockTwits brings you answers!

Sentiment is getting more and more bullish:

Sometimes I crack myself up, but it’s TRUE:

Funny comment on $RNWK.  Perhaps now it will stop being a legal company.