Overheard on StockTwits: Ideas for this Week $UNG $DO $GBPUSD $DNDN $LOGM

The idea flow on StockTwits on the weekends is great, so yesterday we asked the community for their best idea for the week .   Here’s what they gave us:

@ClairWyant likes a short $GBPUSD as a play on the UK Election.

@alessm posted some nice charts on long $AES and short $DO

On the other hand, @wallstreetbean likes a buy on the dip here with $DO.

Another play on the oil spill, @oktobernv likes Natty, $UNG, right here.  It got absolutely smoked last week.

@chessnwine is bearish and thinks we’re in for a nice correction, especially in the $QQQQ’s

@klefkow is “mildly bearish” and thinks the play is June $PUT’s on $FAS $YHOO and the semis $SMH.

@cubbiebears posted a blog post outlining his case for $LOGM.

Hot hand @TrendRida likes the idea of shorting $ADBE to the ground.

@harmongreg is looking to fade the huge move up in $DNDN last week.  Check out his charts here.