Overheard on StockTwits: Is $ALL the next $CAT, $GS and $GOOG weak, Time to be Cautious?

Markets opened up this morning on great earnings from $CAT but there is an underlying weakness to the tape today with stocks like $GS getting completely booched.  Here’s the morning StockTwits buzz:

Large Ticket purchases picking up an $HD and $LOW.  Many different ways to play this trend.  Perhaps the homebuilders themselves or more luxury retailers such as $TIF.

It’s business as usual with Merger Monday, EPS beats and Greece fears:

$GS dropped through the important $155 level this morning and stock is not looking good going into Congressional testimony this week;

$GOOG has been acting poorly since earnings.  Definitely a stock to watch.

There are many stocks that have gone exponential especially the small bank stocks.  @momomeister thinks this warrants caution:

A really great idea from @JackDamn.  Could $ALL be the next $CAT?