Overheard on StockTwits: Market Voodoo? More $SLV and $GLD, Golden Age of Bond Managers Over

After gapping down pretty big this morning, the market is coming back.  Here’s this morning’s StockTwits buzz:

Mr. Flexible aka @thinkingtrades makes some excellent points on the recent action.  His second point regarding a market comeback today being dangerous is especially interesting because thats what we have done:

There are some big problems starting to show up in China, such as inflation.  Starting to see articles like this saying that China is entering a bear market.

$SLV and $GLD keep rocking.  Was a big StockTwits Idea of the Week.  Might want to be a little cautious here as things might be starting to get extended.

It’s not going to be as easy to be a bond manager over the next 25 years as it was the past 25 years:

$DF has been slaughtered the last few days.  @hedgefundinvest lays out the case for a potential buy on the dip:

Many forex traders are watching the UK Election Deadlock carefully for direction on the $GBPUSD – which has started to rally this morning.

Lawsuits against banks appears to be a trend in the financials, in this case $BK.  You may want to tread carefully with these names.

People are still looking for the bottom in Natty $NG_F


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