Overheard on StockTwits: Mining for a $MEE Bottom, the next $MPG , and $PALM rumors

The idea flow on StockTwits is great.  I just love watching how people are processing, synthesizing and sharing information.   Here’s some of today’s best:

Metals such as $GLD are really moving today.  $GLD has been trading in a range while other commodities have been running behind a lens of a strong dollar.  If the dollar starts getting weaker $GLD could really get moving.

At some point people may think that a weaker $EURUSD would help Europe.  The problem with the Euro however is that some countries would prefer a weaker Euro while others would prefer stronger.  A flaw of the currency.

@hedgefundinvest (who’s a stud) wonders if $GKK could be the next $MPG.  $MPG is up like 250% since Feb.

A really interesting observation by @researchpuzzler on the relative performance by $EEM.

$PALM buyout rumors are flying (again). This time Lenovo.  Nice alert by @tvjournal this morning.

Betting on the $FED being ahead of the curve is hardly ever a winner.

Love the idea flow this morning on the stream.  With $MEE hurting after the West Va. mine collapse everybody looking for a play.  Like this one from @ivanhoff.