Overheard on StockTwits: Santa Rally and New Leadership

Each day we jump into the StockTwits stream and pull out the morning greatness. Here’s what we found today:

@Contrahour lays out the case for a Santa Rally with a chart for the A/D line and the Semiconductor Index ($SOX).  Lots of guys on the stream have been calling for one and @Anni47 takes the other side of that trade:

StockTwits is the place to find the great picks BEFORE the MSM.  A great Tech/Media/Telecom analyst, @TMTanalyst noticed that Barrons was all over his picks, $AMT, $SBAC, and $EQIX, this weekend:

It appears that $YELP has backed out of the $GOOG deal.  Lots of speculation on who else is interested.  Who do you think?

Merger Monday lives on!  Today it was $SNY buying $CHTT:

$GS was out with upgrades on the ags, $POT and $MOS, this morning.  LOVE this comment from @agwarner:

Supposedly a new ETF is on the market, FaithShares.  It’s getting ridiculous. I want to start a 3x leveraged ETF on Falafels:

Lots of chatter on the stream today how the Treasury curve is at RECORD steepness:

In their first public comments since last week the $FED’s Evans clarifies what an “extended period of time” is:

Lots of chatter on StockTwits this weekend about retail sales.   The Noreaster put a damper on your bricks and mortar but $AMZN probably cleaned up (which means $UPS and $FDX may have also).  Cool stat from @RBobTheBuilder on $UPS and comment from @jfahmy on the $AAPL stores:

For you charting fiends, make sure you check out the Chart.ly Chart of the Day on $CRM and $GOOG

GM hiring a $MSFT guy?  From one unnovative company to another.  Great point by @onetwoko:

@stevenplace quite astutely points out that $IYR and $SMH are new leaders.  This is BULLISH:

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