Overvalued and Undervalued…The two most abused words in Stock Analysis

No two words mean less for the average investor than overvalued and undervalued. No two words from the media lead to more wrong decisions from their followers.

Thanks goodness people do still care to listen. Makes it easier for us trend followers. PRICE people.

As Jeff Matthews points out from Barron’s never ending ‘Google is Overvalued” headlines , major media and analysts just make noise and give you soundbites for cocktail parties.

Google has been trending up since it’s IPO. One day, when it’s earnings slow down and are more easily measurable, the stock price will go down and likely overshoot to the downside. Seriously not worthy of all the headline fuss it has received at Barron’s. I can’t believe I used to get excited for that weekend read. Times have surely changed and the internet is overvalued :) .


  1. Bruce says:

    Actually, in Barrons lead article ‘tech gets its groove back’, they quote some fund manager about why google is inexpensive. Perhaps they’re trying to backdoor capitulate on their GOOG is overvalued mantra/stance for the last 300+ points.

    Spineless pussies.

  2. Rob says:

    Could the reversal on tech be the beginning of the “business friendly” paradigm at Barron’s now that Rupert has taken control of Dow Jones?..

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