Panic With Friends – Etoro Founder Yoni Assia

I am really tired. We all are. We have to keep grinding away.

I will make this quick.

Today’s podcast is with my friend Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of Etoro who I dialed up in Tel Aviv. I met Yoni back in 2010 and I knew right away we would invest. So we did. I think Etoro was 20 people at the time. I called the venture capitalists I knew when I got home and said Etoro is like ‘Zynga, but for men’. Spark Capital ended up leading an A round and off to the races Etoro went.

Today, Etoro has 850 employees and people can trade in 140 countries.

In this wide ranging conversation Yoni and I catch up on the historic market movements, panic, volatility, the future, Bitcoin (Yoni was the person that mentioned I should buy Bitcoin in 2010 at 12 cents. I said it was overvalued..whoops).

I think you will enjoy his perspective.

You can listen to the podcast here. All the episodes of Panic With Friends are up on Spotify or Apple Podcasts if you search my name.