Panic With Friends – Jack Newhouse….The Center Will Hold and To The Optimists Go The Spoils

Before I get started…it is day 14 of lockdown for me. I have been riding and making podcasts with Knut, but have not been face to face with anyone else. I imagine I won’t change my daily habits of this lockdown until the end of April at least. I hope I am wrong.

One of my readers sent me a nice note saying how much he has enjoyed the ‘Panic With Friends’ series (here is a link to all of them) and attached this article from Margaret Atwood in The Globe and Mail titled ‘Growing up in Quarantineland: Childhood nightmares in the age of germs prepared me for coronavirus‘. It is a good read for some context.


There is a lot of opportunity when the markets are in panics. I called up my friend Jack Newhouse in the heat of the panic 10 days ago to talk about the markets. Jack is a grizzled veteran at a young age. He has run his own firm for nearly 20 years in Chicago trading his own money. When the $VIX gets above 30 our communication increases because he understands futures and options as well as anyone I know and can help me think about the opportunities.

The episode is here.

He helped me figure out a few trades that I shared last weekend on my blog that worked out very well this week. I think the discussion will help any investor think about trading and investing. Jack and I are both optimists. A few weeks ago one of my readers sent me this quote from my first book back published back in 2009. Here is the very first words of the introduction:

Have a great Sunday.