Panic With Friends – Jeff Richards…Opportunity and Panic Go Hand In Hand

My friend Jeff Richards joined me for this episode of ‘Panic With Friends’.

You can listen to the episode here on Spotify, or head to Apple podcasts and search my name.

Here is a little background on Jeff who works at GGV Capital a $6 billion global venture firm:

Jeff focuses on enterprise/cloud and marketplace investments, and led GGV’s investments in Appirio (acq by Wipro), Backbone Networks, Belong Home, BigCommerce, BlueKai (acq by Oracle), Boxed, Brightwheel, Buddy Media (acq by Salesforce), Coinbase,, Evolv OnDemand (acq by Cornerstone), Flipboard, Gladly, Handshake, HotelTonight (acq by Airbnb), Lambda School, Namely,, Percolate, PlushCare, Slice, Tala, Tile,, Workboard, and Zylo. Jeff has also been actively involved in GGV’s investments in Domo, Opendoor, Square, and Wish.

As a former founder and CEO, Jeff is passionate about leadership, culture, and team building, and together with Jen Holmstrom created GGV’s Founders + Leaders program.

Prior to joining GGV, Jeff founded two software companies: R4, a supply chain SaaS business acquired by VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN), and QuantumShift, a telecom software business backed by Texas Pacific Group (TPG). Earlier in his career, Jeff worked in Asia and Latin America with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

I love talking to Jeff. He is so damn positive. But, like everyone else, he has panicked.

In this episode we talk about the first time he panicked, the current panic, the current COVID situation in Asia (since they invest heavily in China) and the big trends they are betting on which include telemedicine, remote work and online education.

By the way…Jeff tells me there are 400 million millennials in China…bigger than the whole US population. We talk about the group and their habits as well.

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