Panic With Friends – Jenny Lefcourt of Freestyle VC Joins Me To Talk Entrepreneurship and Investing

Jenny and I have invested together in a couple companies. When we met for the first time we hit it off. Jenny likes to laugh and I lake making people laugh so it is fun to have a long conversation with her.

I invited her on the podcast and she killed it.

A quick bio:

Born in Florida, Jenny graduated from Wharton undergrad and worked her way to Palo Alto. She got hooked on the Valley and the big ideas, smart people and hard work. She went to Stanford business school but dropped out after her first year to co-found her first company, (bought: XOXO) where they aggregated the gift registries of all the major retailers, and after that, Bella Pictures (bought: CPI). She joined Freestyle to take everything she learned and help other founders build their companies. Jenny is also a founding and active member of All Raise, a non-profit dedicated to increasing diversity in tech.

Our conversation was heavy on entrepreneurship and panic. Jenny built both her companies through market panics and terrible recessions. Jenny has a good ‘Oprah’ story and lesson as well.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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