Panic With Friends: Knut and I Discuss The Year Ahead in Public and Private Markets

Good morning everyone.

This week is the last ‘Panic’ of 2021.

In a change of pace, I decided to turn the microphone on Knut and demanded he tell us a little about himself.

He actually did after which we discussed the most interesting tech trends of 2021 and a look ahead at 2022.

You can listen to the episode here on Spotify or Apple podcast and now all the episodes are on my YouTube channel as well.

Guests: Howard Lindzon & Knut Jensen

Where to Find Them:  Howard (Twitter), Knut (Twitter)

The Takeaway:

We cover some important themes from the last year; Miami, NFTs, Crypto, Goldman Sachs; Schwab, tiny bubbles, and speculation is entertainment. As we head into 2022, I believe the biggest private market problem will be finding enough good operators, and speculation is entertainment will continue to be a massive trend. The year 2022 will continue be an incredible time to invest in private companies that provide the picks and shovels to the speculators. ‘Web 3’ will need to get to a point where great companies emerge (I think they do). We’re going to need more operators in a world flush with speculators. We’ve got a shortage of people who want to do the work to build the company and build the culture and run the board meeting. Recruiting and keeping talented operators will be our biggest public and private market challenge.

Favorite Quotes:

“It’s really been a year where I’ve come to just rethink how I even think about portfolio construction.”

“[It’s] not so much gambling, but understanding the odds and the data … every play will be bet on … at some level.”